Spring 2010…newsletter!

June 15, 2010 12:27 am


Hi there!

We at Kingsize Soundlabs hope all is well and that your 2010 winter/spring has been exciting and productive for you thus far. Soon summer will be upon us and we want to give you an update on what has been happening at Kingsize Soundlabs.

Big NEWS!!! KSL has decided to publish our NEW RATES in our brand new revamped smart phone friendly WEB SITE! Studio A is now available for a book rate of $500.00 / day!!! Check it all out in this new site…

Here are some of the highlights so far in 2010!:


-Atlantic recording artists Panic At The Disco were in Studio A with producer/engineer Steve McDonald and KSL’s Andrew Lynch as Second Engineer.

-Warner Brothers recording artist Ximena Sarinana has been recording her latest LP at Kingsize Studio A with producer Greg Kurstin and KSL engineers Dave Trumfio and Celso Estrada.


-Mom and Pop recording artists Tokyo Police Club has recorded there latest LP in Studio A with producer / engineer team Rob Schnapf and Doug Boehme.

-Sony/ATV Music Publishing recording artist Passion Pit is currently locked out in our SL 1 writing songs for various projects. KSL engineer Celso Estrada is engineering the sessions.

-Mute recording artist Liars have recently done vocal tracks in our Soundlab 1.

-Legendary producers Dave Kershenbaum and Guy Eckstein have recently recorded Justyna Kelly’s debut LP in Studio A and C. KSL engineer’s Celso Estrada and Dave Trumfio manned the controls  on the sessions.


-The Rentals have completed their Songs About Time project with KSL owner producer/engineer Dave Trumfio at the helm. The project produced over 40 new pieces of music by the now legendary synth driven group fronted by original Weezer bassist Matt Sharp. KSL engineer Celso Estrada assisted.

-Producer/engineer Peter Malick has been making KSL’s Studio C his new home and in conjunction with Studio A done recent sessions for Luxury Wafers, Nico Stai, The Antiques and Franklin Music School.


-Side One Dummy recording artists Gas Light Anthem recently mixed there latest LP with  producer/engineer team Ted Hutt and Ryan Mall in Studio A.

-Setting Fires and Superficial Saints have both recorded in Studio A with engineer/producer David Julson Rieley at the controls.

-Roadrunner recording artist Young The Giant and singer songwriter Ben Marchant have both recorded overdubs in Studio A with producer/engineer Joe Chiccarelli over the past few month.


-Mars Volta (Omar Rodriguiz) has recently camped out in SL1 with engineer Lars Stalfors to write and record for forthcoming projects.

-Merge recording artist M. Ward has recently been to KSL with Rilo Kiley bassist producer/engineer Pierre De Reeder. Rumor has it they pulled out an old 1/2″ 8-track!.

-KSL owner producer/engineer Dave Trumfio has recently finished recording and mixing projects for Rooney, E For Explosion and singer songwriter Naomi Greenwald.

-Producer/Engineer Doug Boehem recorded overdubs for Ezra Furman and The Harpoons forth coming release in Studio C.

-The Seizure has recently recorded basic tracks with KSL engineer Richard Robinson.

-DRIVE A recently mixed in Studio A with Dan Joeright as mixing engineer.

-Meryl Music Distribution artist Dollyrots and Century Media Records recording artists Vampires Everywhere have both recorded in our A Studio with producer/engineer Fred Archambault.

-Sony Music writing team OH Land has been recording songs with Sony A&R/producer Lukas Burton at the controls.

-Nico Stai has been recently camping out in SL 1 recording material for his forth coming full length.

-Crappy Records recording artist Kurt Baker recently completed a EP of new wave power pop classics with producer Linus Dotson. Other Dotson session’s have included Allstar Weekend and chief Nerf Herder and fellow Crappy artist Parry Gripp.

-Producer/Engineer Dave Cooley has recently finished up vocal and guitar sessions with Hollywood Records recording artist Allstar Weekend in Studio A, C and Chateau Trumfio.

-Side One Dummy recording artists Fake Problem from Florida is currently recording tracks with producer / engineer team Ted Hutt and Ryan Mall.

-Engineer Carter W. Humphrey has spent time in our Studio C recording Nitric Records artist Tino Anglade.

-Producer/Engineer John Travis has recently recorded Father Tiger in Studio C.

-John Whynot recorded music for the video game Special OPS: “The Line” with Elia Cmiral as producer

-Sony Music artist Scott McFarnon recorded with A&R/Producer Lukas Burton and KSL engineer Andrew Lynch.

-Engineer Eric Corne has recently done sessions with Julia Govinden.

-Branden Daniel and the Chics and Jake Littman have both recorded in Studio A with producer Bruce Duff and KSL engineer Richard Robinson.

-Commercial music producer Keith Ruggerio of SoundsRED has worked on various voice over sessions for movie and commercial release in SL1, Chateau Trumfio and Studio C.

-Some other Artists, Engineers and Producers that have been working at our studios include:

Amanda Abizaid


Miles Fisher

The Neos (Volita Bioletti) with KSL engineer Andrew Lynch in our C Studio

Bliss (Peter Razo) with KSL engineer Andrew Lynch in our A Studio and C Studio

Benjamin Aguilar


Jake Portrait

Gus Black

Justin Glasco

Jeremy Silver

In latest news… Our Kingsize Soundlabs North Facility is now in full swing. This facility is located slightly north of our Eagle Rock location in lovely Atwater Village . It features six new producer suites, gated parking, with a 5.1/stereo mixing room.

In addition to our Kingsize North Facility, the original Kingsize Soundlabs ( Los Angeles ) has been making strides of its own. Over the 2010 Winter Season, we have further treated our A and C Studio live rooms for a more improved sound controlled environment.

The entire Kingsize Soundlabs (South) facility is a multi-use recording compound nestled within the beautiful city lights and scenic mountains of Northeast Los Angeles . The Rock Block, as many people call it, contains a variety of studios within two free-standing buildings. All studios can be customized and outfitted with your desired pro audio equipment depending on your recording needs. We have many instruments, outboard gear, microphones, and HD3 rigs with loads of plug-ins, along with classic analog consoles and recorders at your fingertips! Most are interchangeable between the studios which makes it a unique environment above and beyond many other studios. (See website for equipment details and reserve your room and desired setup).

The centerpiece, Studio A – “The Castle” is built around a vintage 32-channel Neve 8068 console and is accompanied with a 24-channel 2″ MCI tape machine for the analog lovers. With an HD3 Pro Tools system and a 32 I/O Apogee interface configuration, we have plenty of options for tracking and mixing. In addition to the nice array of outboard gear, this room comes with a Yamaha G2 baby grand piano, vintage upright piano, Hammond B3 organ with dual-motor Leslie, additional Hammond organs, and loads of vintage analog synths as well as amps, guitars, and drums for your choosing.

Next door to the A Studio is our newly outfitted Studio B – “MANT”. We are proud to announce we have recently partnered up with noted producer/engineer/mixer and all-around nice guy Rob Schnapf. “Mant” (half-man, half-ant) is the new parking place for Rob’s vintage recording space filled with outboard gear and his large collection of “bells & whistles.” This truly gives the room a cool vintage feel. MANT comes with a vintage “Class A” 16 channel Electrodyne console (formerly owned by the Sinatras), an MCI 24-channel custom console, a ProTools HD3 rig, several amps, analog keyboards, and of course a Mellotron!

On the other side of Studio A is The Ship, owned and operated by engineer/producer Aaron Espinoza of the band Earlimart. Although technically not a Kingsize studio, The Ship has worked closely with Kingsize over the years and is one of the original studios on the block when we set up shop in the early 2000’s.

“The Annex,” the second building on the block, houses our Studio C, Mark Chalecki’s Little Redbook Mastering and Soundlabs 1 – 3 our project based overdub/mix rooms.

Studio C, “The Cabin,” hosts a simple ITB setup using a Digidesign Control 24, HD3 rig, and 16 i/o Digidesgn/Mytech converter combination. With classic front end from Helios, Quad 8 and API mic pre’s, this room is ideal for smaller tracking, overdubbing, and mixing sessions. This room contains a smaller live room suitable for recording most overdubs and a large amp closet ideal for isolation when needed.

Soundlabs 1 – 3, “The Capsules,” are smaller control rooms / ISO booth production rooms. These rooms offer a very affordable way of recording and mixing projects that need a lockout type schedule. Let us help put together a package that meets your needs and budget!

Soundlabs 1, 2 and 3 are also available for month to month lockouts. Contact us for details if interested.

Last but not least, The Rock Block offers a spacious patio and with an open atmosphere. We do encourage daily cook outs!

As the home studio inevitably gets more sophisticated, we know people still want to make classic-sounding records, cut big-sounding basics, and mix with the real gear. That’s why we’re here.

Cheers and hope to see you soon,

Kingsize Soundlabs