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Dave Trumfio:

Rooney, Wilco, Built To Spill, Sia, OK GO, Jesus And Mary Chain, My Morning Jacket, Grandaddy… see selected discography at All Music Guide

Pierre De Reeder:

Vampire Weekend, Sia, Rilo Kiley, M. Ward, She & Him, Jenny & Johnny, Heidecker & Wood… see selected discography at All Music Guide

Richard Robinson:

Cramps, Alex Chilton, Fleetwood Mac, The Aggrolites, The Knack, Nick Waterhouse… see selected discography at All Music Guide


KSL in house Engineers and Producers: Available for all KSL sessions.

Celso Estrada
Celso is a recording engineer from Southern California. He grew up in the suburbs just outside of LA. Celso worked his way up from assistant to become one of our house engineers. Celso plays keyboards but started playing bass as his first instrument. He likes a harmony of organic and synthetic instruments and sounds. He considers effect pedals to be a good and close friend.

Specialties Full band tracking, strings, acoustic instruments, drum sounds, synthesizers, electronic production and programing.

Artists Islands, Van Hunt, Andrew Bird, Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks, Boogaloo Assassins, Cass McCombs/The Skiffle Players, Dub Club, Rooney, Patrick Park, Ximena Sarinana, The Rentals, Terraplane Sun, These Machines Are Winning, Beat Club, Nick Diamonds… see selected discography at All Music Guide


Eva Reistad Eva fled her icy homeland(Minnesota) in 2011, and has been working in recording studios in LA ever since. Now serving as one of our house engineers, she loves all aspects of recording- including engineering, assisting, mixing, and playing on records.  She also appreciates a good burrito and the EQs on the Neve.

Specialties Vocal tracking and tuning, full band tracking, killer guitar tones, finding the key of your song

Artists Josh Kelley, Alice Smith, John Treanor, Ricky Rouse, D’Lannie Brown, Tony Green, Kaleena Zanders, Mostly Kosher, Django Foxtrot, Joey Santiago, Charli XCX, American Splendor


Rob Duffy Rob is an LA native recording engineer and musician who started at Kingsize as an intern in early 2015 and now serves as session manager and one of our house engineers. His musical interests and projects are eclectic and wide-reaching, to say the least. One day he’ll be mixing an electronic cover of “I Want It That Way” sung in Mandarin; the next he’ll be recording a black metal band, or producing a twee pop single by a group from Spain. Oh, he’s also in an emo band, and yes he is aware what year it is. Rob brings a sincere and open-minded approach to each project he works on and will also talk about Godzilla movies if you want him to. But only if you want him to.

Specialties Making everyone feel as comfortable as possible in the studio, natural drum sounds, lo-fi electronics, indeterminacy, understanding your genre and influences, compulsively pressing ctrl+s, anything noisy, heavy, punk-y, pop-y, experimental, or just plain heartfelt.

Artists Meishi Smile, Fred Armisen, Supersuckers, Rhino Bucket, Seth Boyer, iLoveMakonnen, Oh My Muu, Birdy Nam Nam, Anakuma Overdrive


Theo Karon
Theo is a recording engineer, producer, and musician in Los Angeles.  He has a mohawk, which makes his head look like an onion, but he’s kind of a square. Theo is equally comfortable working with analog tape or in the god forsaken computer. He is not a vegetarian.

Specialties Analog recording, tape loops, creative tape editing, sound collage, musique concrete, deliberately misusing/abusing equipment, hella drum sounds, synthesizers.

ArtistsMavis Staples, Cross Record, Foxygen, Angel Olsen, Health and Beauty, Julia Holter, Hands, Plague Vendor, The Americans, Kamasi Washington, Liphemra, Fell Runner, Laura Jean Anderson, Alina Bea, Pillars and Tongues


Brian Rosemeyer
Brian, a Pittsburgh Pennsylvania native, has been working at Kingsize Soundlabs since 2010.  He started out assisting on a wide range of sessions and has since become one of our main house engineers.  He enjoys listening to and recording all types of music.

Specialties Full-band tracking, vocal recording, creative microphone techniques, acoustics (studio design and construction)

Artists Surfer Blood, Kurt Vile, Matt Skiba, Kamasi Washington, Sean Rowe, Kan Wakan, The Lonely Wild, Cameron The Public, Grant Langston, The Shadow Principle… see selected discography at All Music Guide



Peter Novoa Peter is a Southern California native, born and raised in Alhambra.  He is a self-taught musician who has played in Los Angeles based rock bands for the past 17 years.  He appreciates the collaboration process that exists when working with other musicians.  He also really enjoys helping musicians bring their ideas or projects to life.  Please note, Peter loves cats.

Specialties Pro Tools editing, vocal tuning, audio restoration, acoustics (assessment and treatment), plays drums/percussion/bass/ and guitar

Artists Aaron Espinoza, Bassnectar, Beachwood Coyotes, BETS, Blonde Summer, Fiends, Harley Bird, Chris Medina, Mid-Air, Rivoah, The Gloss, Letty Isabelle, Zorch


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