Blues Sessions With Walter Trout!

May 21, 2015 1:58 am

It’s been a sad week for the blues with legendary B.B. King’s passing, but here in Kingsize’s A room the genre is being kept alive by another blues legend  Walter Trout!  Trout has been in for the last few weeks tracking new material with some great musicians, including Sammy Avila on hammond, Johnny Griparic on bass, and Michael Leasure on drums.  Engineer/producer Eric Corne who has worked with Trout on his last 8 albums, has been engineering the sessions.  Being a blues veteran that he is, (with 22 total released albums in his career) we’re excited to see what direction Trout takes with this record!



Walter takes a break to pose for the camera in the vocal booth.  (Photo Credit: Casey Reagan)


Walter and Eric discuss the music in the control room. (Photo Credit: Casey Reagan)



 Drummer Micheal and Bass player Johnny mess around in the live room!  (Photo Credit: Casey Reagan)