Cairo Knife Fight rocks the block!

September 20, 2015 2:55 am

A few months back, Studio A was filled with massive sounds when Cairo Knife Fight brought in a film crew to capture the band playing 3 songs live.  The set-ups were impressive- with George Pajon splitting his guitar signal out to four separate Fridemian amp head and cab combos, while Nick Gaffaney used a looper to loop drum beats over his real time drumming, all while managing to sing and play synth bass as well.  Neil Baldock recorded and mixed the songs.

The point of the shoot was to give people a glimpse of what the band has become since guitarist George Pajon joined.  Nick started the band about 6 years ago, moved to LA from New Zealand last summer, and asked George if he wanted to write new material upon meeting him.  The duo started playing seriously a little before last year’s SXSW, where they played their first real shows together.  Since then, they’ve gone on tour in Australia and New Zealand, and are making plans to hit the road again in the near future.  We are seriously excited to hear what these guys release next!!