January – October 2012

October 29, 2012 4:01 pm

2012 has seen no shortage of amazing music at Kingsize Soundlabs!




The New Year started off with Patrick Park returning to Studio A where he recorded drums for a few new tracks.  Producer Dave Trumfio and engineer Celso Estrada were at the helm, while Luke Adams was behind the kit.



Bobby Long spent over 3 weeks in the A Room where he recorded his second LP for ATO Records.  This Ted Hutt produced album is definitely one to look forward to in 2013!  Ted and engineer Ryan Mall mixed the record in the C Room.



MANT recording legend Rob Schnapf mixed Everest’s new album “Ownerless out now on ATO Records.



Rob also mixed Dr. Dog’s single “Lonesome” from “Be The Void” which is out now on ANTI- as well as new tracks from Bad Books, Mutemath, and Useless Keys.   Chris Szczech assisted on all sessions.




OFF! returned to Studio A to record and mix their new LP in three days.  Andrew Lynch shared engineering duties with bassist Steve McDonald.



Omar Rodriguez-Lopez spent the week between Coachella shows at the studio, where he finished recording and mixing the new Bosnian Rainbows release.  Jon Debaun engineered the sessions.


Beat Club, along with Soft Pipes and These Machines Are Winning all spent time over the last year perfecting recordings at Chateau Trumfio, Studio A, and C with owner and producer Dave Trumfio.


All three artists are preparing tracks for Dave’s new label venture Pulse Code Modulations (PCM). The label will feature artists on the electronic, shoe gaze, and wavy side of the music spectrum… Celso Estrada engineered most sessions with Dave producing and mixing.  Stay Tuned!


In April Aussie rockers Birds of Tokyo set up shop at KSL with producer Dave Cooley and engineers Hugo Nicholson and Andrew Lynch.  The band spent over 5 weeks in both Studios A and C recording guitars, keys, and vocals for what will surely be a monumental record.

In September, another amazing band from down under spent time at Kingsize Soundlabs.  Georgia Fair recorded and mixed a new record with producer Ted Hutt and engineer Ryan Mall. Expect this LP from Sony Music Australia sometime next year.


Venice Beach rockers Terraplane Sun spent 3 weeks at the studio where they recorded a new EP with producer/engineer Dave Trumfio and engineer Celso Estrada.



Starfucker holed up in Studio C where they recorded drums for 22 new songs.   Sonny Diperri engineered the sessions.



The members of Islands returned to Kingsize Soundlabs to work on other projects.  Nick Thorburn produced new music by Alia Shawkat in the A Room.  Geordie and Evan Gordon recorded two new tracks for The Magic in the C Room.  Drummer Luc Laurent played on both projects, which were engineered by Celso Estrada.


UK singer Charlie Jacks spent a few days in Studio C working on new tracks with producer Taylor ‘Swiph’ Smith.




Oren Lyons spent time in Studio A to record basics for their new single ‘Forever Found’  with engineer Brian Rosemeyer.



Neon Hymns were in the studio with producer Jesse Rogg. They recorded new tracks in both the A and C rooms with the help of engineer Celso Estrada.


The Broken Numbers Band recorded basic tracks for their first full-length release in Studio A.   The self-produced sessions had engineers Brian Rosemeyer and Eric Brown at the helm.


The Lonely Wild were in the A Room where they recorded their new single ‘Buried In The Murder’ with engineer Brian Rosemeyer.


Satellite Sky finished tracking a few new songs with producer/engineer Paul Lani.  The band worked in studios A and C.



Pete RG spent a few days in Studio C finishing up his new record with the help of engineer Brina Kabler.




Ryan Saliman and the Band of Stranges recorded a new EP with producer Dave Trumfio.  Celso Estrada engineered the sessions.

Nard-core legends Dr. Know spent time in the A Room recording 6 songs.  Guitarst Tim Harkins engineered.

U.G.L.Y. were in Studio A writing and recording new material with engineer Sonny Diperri and a revolving door of L.A.’s hottest producers.

Singer/songwriter Eddie Delbridge recorded a handful of tracks with producer Dave Trumfio and engineer Celso Estrada in the A Room.  Patrick Park contributed some guitar work to the sessions.

Producer Guy Eckstein returned to KSL to work with Grant Davis. The new tracks were engineered and mixed Dave Trumfio and Celso Estrada.


Engineer Jorge Costa spent the better part of March at Kingsize Soundlabs, where he began work on a record for Felipe Tarentino.  The album will be co-produced by Costa and guitarist Carl Verheyen.  Costa also recorded and produced a new album for bluesman Solomon King in Studio A and has begun recording basic tracks for Verheyen’s next solo record.


KSL regular Jesse Malin returned to the studio to mix a new track in Studio C.

While on tour in the USA the French trio Metropolitan Parc decided to stop off at Kingsize Soundlabs and record drums for a new album.  Engineer/producer Rick Grice was behind the desk.

The Good Rebels returned to Studio A to record another song with engineer/producer Scott Smith.

Engineer/producer Adam Mosley spent time at both Chateau Trumfio and Kingsize Studio A recording guitars and vocals for 3 new Supergloo tracks.


The Shadow Principal recorded a 12 song LP in Studio A.  Brian Rosemeyer engineered and mixed the album.

Almost Classy have spent time in Studio C with engineer/producer Kyle Ford.  The band has been recording overdubs for a new release.

Songwriter Eli Lennon spent 12 days with his band in the A Room where they recorded just as many songs for his first LP.  The album was co-produced by Jorge Costa and guitarist Johann Frank.

The Union worked on a new EP with producer Adrian Bradford at Kingsize Soundlabs.  They did preproduction and overdub work in the C Room and full band tracking in the A Room.  Bryan Cook engineered the sessions.

Engineer/Producer Peter Malick spent time in the A Room where he recorded basics for both Spencer Livingston and Mike Post.  The artists shared the rhythm section of Jon Ossman (bass) and Butch Norton (drums).

Trumpet artist and producer Daniel Rosenboom returned to the studio to record an albums’ worth of material.  This Book of Omen session was engineered by John Baffa.  Baffa later returned to Studio A where he worked on projects with John Macy and The Heavy Hand as well as the band Barley Legal.

The Goods recorded their own version of Cole Porter’s “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.”  The session was produced by Dan Petty and engineered by Brian Rosemeyer.

Engineer Scott Seelig was in Studio A with the band Atlantic Line, where they recorded several soon-to-be-released tracks.


John Lamm brought his project Helos Non to Kingsize Soundlabs Studios A and C where he mixed four songs with engineer Carson Lehman.

Carson also helped mixed seven tracks from the reunited Dreaded Youth. The tracks were recorded by engineer Brian Rosemeyer in Studio A.

Sonya Bender recorded vocals for several new tracks with the help of producer Daniel Luttrell and engineer Brian Rosemeyer.

Luttrell also spent time in the A Room working on new tracks with Dani Poppit. Celso Estrada was behind the desk.


Flavia and the Red spent time in Studio A where they recorded new tracks for an upcoming release.


De Novo recorded two new songs at KSL with the help of producer/engineer Mickey Schumann.

Shruti was in Studio A recording new material for her next release.  Celso Estrada engineered the session.


Valerie Ponzio returned to Kingsize Soundlabs to record vocals for her soon to be released EP.  The session was engineered by Brian Rosemeyer.  Brian also recorded vocals for Alice Tesseraux’s single “Fallen” as well as two other tracks.

Phunkalotapus brought their funkalicious tunes to Kingsize Soundlabs.  They recorded four songs with engineer Peter Avveduti.


Producer Josh the Goon was in the A Room with Amigo the Devil. They recorded basics for 3 soon to be released songs.

Singer/songwriter Thomas Miltch spent a few days at KSL with producer Juan Ramos.  They recorded drums and mixed two new tracks with engineer Brian RosemeyerLavell Jones was behind the kit.

The Jacob Kane Band recorded two new singles in Studio A with engineer Brian Rosemeyer.

The Living began work on their first official full-length at Kingsize.  The band recorded basics for several songs in the A Room with KSL engineer Brian Rosemeyer.