Soundlab 3

Computer & Clocking
2.7GHz 12 Core MacPro Trashcan w/ 32Gb ram
Lynx Aurora (n) Thunderbolt
16 Analog IO
16 Digital IO
Multidock 2 Thunderbolt Hotswap Bay
Antelope Audio OCX Master Clock

Sterling Modular Plan E Desk

Software & Plugins
ProTools 10 HD

(2) PMC TwoTwo8 (Rental)
(2) Sound Anchors ADJ2
(1) Dangerous Monitor
(1) Benchmark DAC2 DX

Microphones & DI’s
(1) Vintage Neumann U87
(1) AKG 451
(2) Beyer M-160
(2) Telefunken 421
(1) Unidyne III
(1) Shure SM7
(3) Shure SM57
(1) Shure SM58
(2) Custom Powerstation DI

Pre Amps & EQs
(2) Neve 31102 (w/ Factory Line I/P)
(2) UA 1108 Preamps
(2) UA 508 EQs
(2) RCA BA21A Tube Mic Pres
(2) Quad Eight 333c
(2) Sphere 900 Graphic EQs

Reverbs, Delays & FX
(1) Eventide Orville w/ Remote
(1) Lexicon 200 Reverb
(1) Soundworkshops 262 Spring Reverb
(2) Lexicon 1300

1956 Gibson Acoustic Student Model (Rental)
Custom Fender Jazzmaster (Reissue)
Custom Fender Pbass (Reissue)

FX Pedals
ZVEX Super Hard On (First Issue)
Malekko Echo 600 Dark
Boss DD-2 Delay (Vintage MIJ)
Ibanez AD-80 (Vintage)
Harvestman Malgorithm

(More Available Upon Request)

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Soundlab 3 is a gorgeous and streamlined mix, writing, and overdub space curated by engineer David Tolomei. Equipped with pristine monitoring, audiophile-level conversion, and one-of-a-kind vintage preamps, Soundlab 3 is an excellent option for your projects where superb sound quality and accuracy is most critical.