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Coping With Covid - Kingsize Soundlabs in L.A. Times

Kingsize Soundlabs was featured along with Sunset Sound and The Village Studios in a recent L.A. Times article about recording studios adapting to the COVID-19 virus.

At Kingsize Soundlabs, owner Dave Trumfio describes a shutdown involving “a lot of running around and treading water.” The company, born in Chicago nearly 30 years ago, operates 30 studios and production rooms in Glassell Park, Silver Lake, Hollywood and surrounding areas. Trumfio’s overhead is the same as it was pre-pandemic, but his main rooms are silent. Trumfio says his effort at working through the red tape for federal relief “feels like banging my head against the wall.”
Unlike Camarata’s Sunset Sound, Kingsize hasn’t been approved for a small business loan. Trumfio has filled out the same paperwork three times. “They’re not making it easy, let’s put it that way,” he says.
He too has been working remotely. His first L.A.-area Kingsize studio is in his Silver Lake home. As well, Trumfio partners with Gold-Diggers, an East Hollywood boutique hotel, bar and performance space, to operate its recently opened production facility. That’s closed during the pandemic, but many of Kingsize’s smaller facilities are single-client-occupied and not affected by the shutdown orders.
Trumfio hasn’t been producing intercontinental sessions in real time. He has, though, been file-sharing unfinished songs with clients and then getting on FaceTime to confer. “Nothing beats the in-person session. It’s a lot easier when somebody’s sitting in the room and says, ‘You know, I really don’t like what you’re doing,’” he says with a laugh.


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