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About Us

Kingsize Soundlabs (KSL) is a state-of-the-art multiroom recording studio in Los Angeles founded by record producer Dave Trumfio. The studio has three locations in and around Eagle Rock, Silver Lake and Highland Park.


KSL has brought affordable professional recording studios to the creative public since the early 1990s. Since its humble beginnings as a 1/2″ 16-track project studio in Chicago’s Wicker Park to its current operation with multiple rooms and locations in and around Northeast Los Angeles, KSL’s goal has always been to provide a comfortable, well-equipped and affordable workspace for musicians, engineers and producers.


You won’t find the sterile, uncreative atmosphere that many top-of-the-line studios are plagued with. Our staff is made up of lifelong music industry professionals who are also musicians and music fans. KSL studios are filled with the gear and instruments needed to make an inspired and stellar sounding modern record.

Please check out our site and see the great options we can provide for your next recording, mixing or mastering project!

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