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Do the studios come with an engineer?

The studio’s can be booked with a KSL “In House” engineer or with an assistant. Please call for details and prices. Assistants will help with set up and basic assisting tasks. Sessions booked without a KSL “In House” engineer are assumed the client will be providing a qualified engineer or you yourself will be engineering. Many of our clients are engineers and/or producers and in these sessions we provide a assistant.  If you need an engineer please check our engineers section for available KSL engineers.

What are your rates?

Please contact us to inquire about rates.  We believe our rates are some of the best around for the gear we offer and the expertise we provide. We’ve been making records for over 20 years!!

How much time will I need for my project….?

This is always a hard question. What are you planning to record? How many songs? etc…. Please call if you plan on using your own engineer or ask them what a realistic amount of time would need to be booked to achieve your goals.

How long is a day?

Our typical day lock-out is 10 hours. For Studio A and 64 Sound, we sometimes also include an extra hour allotment at the beginning of the first day of the session for set-up and an extra hour at the end of the last day of the session for load-out and file backup. Start times are up to the client. The session officially starts when the engineer arrives, unless using in-house engineers, in which case it starts at the time the client has established in advance for their arrival. Any sessions going later than 1am may require additional over-time for in-house engineers and assistants. With this said, we are open to all schedules with advanced notice.

Can I rent by the hour?

Our best value is our day rate but we can rent the studios by the hour. These rates are typically higher as it’s harder for us to schedule other sessions on any given day. Please call for our hourly rates.  As always we are affordable and flexible even at our hourly rates.

Where are the studios located?

The studios are located in and around the Silver Lake, Echo Park and Eagle Rock area of Los Angeles.

I want to book some time. How do I set this up?

Easy, give Ronna Trumfio a call at 323 533 0022. She can assist you on what dates are available and point you in the right direction for any technical information.

Can I hold some dates?

Yes, if the dates you are interested in are available we can put a hold on them for you. Which means you have first right of refusal. If someone else calls asking for those dates we will then ask you to confirm or release your hold.

Do you give a better rate if I’m wanting to book more than a few days?

For larger bookings we will bend a little to make budgets fit and schedules comfortable. It’s not uncommon for us to book 6 days on 1 day off (no charge) for longer projects. Our rates are very reasonable so our wiggle room is pretty tight but we’ll do our best to make everything work budget wise.

Do you have a mailing list?

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