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Kingsize On Location – Earthquaker Day 2022

We sent our embedded reporter to Earthquaker Devices HQ in Akron, Ohio to check out the festivities at The Revenge of Earthquaker Day!

Part 1 features pedal clinics and live performances from Jamie Stillman, Shinichi Ito, Stephi Duckula, and Emily Hopkins, plus live tributes to David Bowie and Kate Bush.

Part 2 features an in-person tour of Earthquaker Devices HQ!

Part 3 features live performances at Musica in Akron, Ohio. Artists include Harriet the Spy, Free Black!, Spotlights, Oregon Space Trail of Doom, Safe Words, Language, and Future Children.

Thanks to Earthquaker Devices for hosting! Be sure to subscribe to the Kingsize Soundlabs YouTube channel where we will be dropping some in-depth studio and gear tutorials soon.


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