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Covid-19 Policies

Please thoroughly read our policies before your session. Each person attending the session is required to complete the appropriate entry form.

Kingsize Soundlabs Covid-19 Policies PDF

Kingsize Studio A Entry Form PDF

Kingsize Studio V7 Entry Form PDF

Limiting People Traffic

  1. Minimal session staff. Only those absolutely necessary to keep the session going will be present. We request you reduce crew size as much as possible, and keep sessions to essential personnel.

  2. All supplies and food must be ordered through no-contact delivery only (i.e. postmates, etc).

  3. Deliveries will be made to designated no-contact drop-off areas such as outside front door or side gate.

  4. Whenever possible please bring in your own food to avoid the need for deliveries.

  5. Session start times and staff arrival times will be staggered.

  6. Tours of our studios will be unavailable for the immediate future. Please refer to our website photos

    for now.

  7. Outside tech services will be done with no-contact pickup/drop-off or during off hours following all set protocols.

Limiting Germ Traffic

  1. Upon arrival, everyone, including artists, will have their temperature checked with a no-touch thermometer. Those experiencing symptoms will be asked to leave.

  2. We ask that everyone wear a mask except when eating, drinking or recording vocals. We can provide one for you if necessary.

  3. We ask that you wash your hands upon arrival and often throughout the session. There is also hand sanitizer strategically placed throughout the building.

  4. Engineers will wear gloves when cleaning and handling equipment.

  5. All vocal microphones will be sterilized after each using both rubbing alcohol solution and UV light. Following industry approved methods.

  6. We kindly ask that clients keep attendees to the essential participants.

  7. Although in the past we have allowed clients to bring pets, at this time the additional traffic in and out of the building pets necessitate is not advisable.

Rigorous, Regular Cleaning

  1. All common areas (especially the lounge and bathrooms) and touchable surfaces (door handles, etc) will be cleaned before sessions, after sessions, and regularly throughout the day by our staff.

  2. We will sterilize shared equipment such as mice and keyboards, headphones, and musical equipment used in each session.

  3. Studios will be sealed after cleaning to ensure nobody enters the studio until each session begins.

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