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Summer 2018 Kingsize Update!

Gearing up for another great summer at Kingsize!

Our most exciting news is that we are currently completing cutting-edge upgrades on all of our studios’ computer recording rigs! Studio A now sports an 8-core Mac Pro, Antelope Orion 32+ HD interface, and Pro Tools 12 Ultimate with HDX! Studio V7 also has received an Orion HDX system with a new 2018 3.5 ghz quad-core iMac.

64Sound has been upgraded to Pro Tools HDX as well with a new Lynx Aurora 32 interface. Studio C now includes a dual-core 2018 Mac Mini with our Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt interface. These upgrades not only bring us into the new digital audio era, but also enable our studios to be more flexible than ever before by making each room much more plug 'n' play friendly! Running an entire session off of your own personal computer rig with our entire collection of vintage gear at your fingertips has never been easier in Studio A, V7, and C with the ability to connect to our powerful interfaces simply with USB 3 or Thunderbolt.

In other recent news, Nine Inch Nails drummer Ilan Rubin stopped by Studio A to shoot and record a piece for our friends over at Reverb! Keep an eye out for the video coming in the near future! Ilan is an insane drummer and it was an absolute pleasure to hear him tearing it up in our live room.

Ted Hutt has been back at it again with several projects from Studio A! Now available is a new record from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and a new EP from Tiger Army both produced in Studio A.

Also - a great companion to The Gaslight Anthem’s seminal record The ’59 Sound Sessions was remixed from the band’s original demos on our vintage Neve 8068! Sounds amazing!!

Singer-songwriter Tara Beier was in Studio V7 recently, tracking two songs with a few of her regular collaborators. Drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, and vocals were all tracked live in this small but mighty space and sounded awesome! Over at 64 Sound, internationally renowned DJ Guy Gerber set up shop for a few weeks recording and producing eclectic new music for an upcoming project.

We’re getting ready for the launch of Gold-Diggers, our new Hollywood location this summer! Stay tuned for the next update and follow us on Instagram for the latest peaks coming soon!


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