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The Show Must Go On...

In the age of COVID-19... How do we move forward?

Hope this finds you healthy during these unprecedented and tumultuous times... Covid-19 along with the urgent need to support BLM and address the ever growing institutional racism sweeping our country and the world has kicked 2020 into one for the history books. We have been busy figuring out the best ways to move forward as restrictions begin to lift, our reopening commences and the new normal begins. 

Here at Kingsize Soundlabs and our affiliated studios we halted all day to day sessions upon state and local stay at home shelter in place orders. Our monthly Soundlab lockouts have continued to operate as private studios at our lockout clients own discretions. Many of these clients provide media services deemed essential during these times. God knows we’ve devoured our fair share of content over the last few months and glad we have played a tiny roll in it. As they say, the show must go on!

We can only imagine the new material being written and projects being cooked up during shelter in place. Moments like these have historically been followed by innovated growth in the arts and sciences. Most notably the Renaissance following the Plague. Could this be the dawning of a Twenty First Century Renaissance!? We hope so!

We have been exploring ways to help facilitate and innovate. For example, at Gold-Diggers we are currently developing a studio quality live show streaming service utilizing Gold-Diggers club, studios and award winning hotel as a easy way to host and produce virtual concerts. Allowing privately produced pay per view, benefit and promotional virtual events. This is just one of the ways we are changing and innovating the way we will provide services to our community in this new Renaissance.  

With this said, we’re currently entertaining private weekly, bi weekly, and monthly discounted lock outs of our Studio A, 64 Sound, V7 and Gold Diggers studios as “turn key” solutions for producers, engineers and artists looking for a home away from home as we move forward.

We will be taking the utmost care in sanitizing our studios and equipment prior, during and post all projects using a variety of technologies including UV light. We’ll also be working with clients and staff to help provide proper social distancing during all sessions including wearing masks whenever possible. Moving forward there will be a new level of responsibility surrounding ones personal health and others. We realize these times call for extra measures and we'll be vigilantly practicing the safest ways to proceed and get back to the work we love... MAKING MUSIC! 

Please see the Session Protocols During Covid-19 for more details. While we prefer longer private project based bookings at this time we will also be booking day to day sessions when appropriate and available as long as all participants agree they are working at their own discretion and practicing safe social distancing measures as laid out. Are you ready? We’re ready when you are! Give us a call and let’s see what’s possible...  Stay creative and healthy, The Kingsize Soundlabs Team


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